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Friday, 16 November 2018


So you might be wondering why I'm posting on a Friday, well its our one month anniversary... yaaaaay… Today is now a month since I made my first blog post public, and I just want to say thank you! 
For all the direct messages on Instagram, for the comments, the likes, your words of motivation. Its a blessing to know that I can use my experience to motivate and inspire myself and others.
I receieved a few direct messages from loads of beautiful women, saying how my blog inspires, motivate and empower them. For me that is a big step, because that is why I decided to create this blog in the first place and getting these feed backs you my readers is outstanding. Believe it or not your comments and direct messages motivates me, and do help me to be more confident. So again I say thank you for taking the time out of your days to read my blog, you are all appreciated.

What can you expect from me in the next few week.... mmm..I have loads of topics on paper ready to post. so what can you expect.
Styling different pieces, girls fashion, places I love to shop online for myself and Rhea, Rhea's hair routine and care and of course a couple life stories. Just to name a few. Please follow my blog by email so you don't miss a post.  I promise, myself and Rhea will keep you interested. She is more excited about me blogging than I am lol.. Let me know in the comments below what topics you would like me to do next.

Oh.. In regards to these photos, I just wanted to share one of my favourite everyday look for autumn, whether I'm running errands or doing the school run. On a regular day I will be wearing all black with one of my favourite coats or denim jacket..comfy and cute!

"We are confident because we can admit who we are, what we have done, and love ourselves for who we have become."

 Again..Thank you!!!
Goodnight and good morning. Loads of love xx




  1. Congrats my sweet girl. 😘😘😘 I love your blog. 😍😍😍

  2. Looking forward to the girls fashion blog and can you do one on basic closet must haves

  3. ok hun.. keep a look out for that one will put something together soon. Follow by email so you don't miss it, thanks for your support babe xx


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