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After 5+ years of having my daughter, I finally feel like myself again. YEP!! it took me 5 years.
Hi, my name is Patrice Goulbourne , also known as Crissy.  I've got a gorgeous daughter, Rhea.

Before I had my daughter in 2013, in my opinion I was creative with my own style, all my curves were in the right places, I didn't have to worry about not being able to wear a close fitted top cause it might show my back fat.
But then I was blessed with the most beautiful little girl. I was so obsessed with her that at one point I didn't even remember to have a meal. I struggled with low self-esteem for months, without anyone knowing. long story short... I was a nightmare!

Has she became older and more independent, I think my confidence grew with her... and now here I am....found my confidence again and chose to share this with the world. Being a mom is the best yet the most challenging job ever (lord knows its not easy), but I love every bit of it. ESPECIALLY, dressing her up...haha.. she's a little fashionista.
As for myself, I absolutely love love shopping online, when I hear that doorbell ring , its like Christmas came early.. haha

Anywho! whether you are a mum or not, as women we are always taking care of other people. I encourage us to take care of ourselves as well.
"you cant pour from an empty cup"

Self expression is what I feel I've been fighting for my entire life, being an only child. I think I finally found the platform to express myself through my love for fashion, food, home decor, family and of course, life.
I hope you enjoy my blog and most importantly, I hope that you will be inspired to rock your confidence as much as you rock that great outfit..


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