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Sunday, 11 November 2018


Hi Beauties,

So today I wanted to share my Mac lip collection with you, but then I thought. So many bloggers and youtubers have done this, reviewed the textures, finishes and did lip swatches etc. so I wanted to do something a little different. lipstick vs lipgloss. I can honestly say I'm a lipgloss kind of girl. I would always just love my glossy lips. However, a few years ago, I thought I wanted a change and should try something bold.. a red lipstick. Mac Ruby Woo was recommended by a friend . It was my first lipstick and I absolutely loved it, still do. I'm not a lover of really bright colours, so if I was to choose a nail polish, it would be burgundy not blood red. SO...Mac Ruby Woo was just for me at the time. the blue undertone made it perfect.
As the years go by I started to try out different lipsticks to see what was for me. So I came to the conclusion that when it came down to lipsticks, retro matte is more my style. If I'm wearing lipstick I like it to be a matte finish. For most of my velvet finish lipsticks, I add a pinch of baby powder after the application so it gets that matte look. If I want shine I would go for a nude lipgloss. To be honest I would choose a good nude lipgloss over lipstick anyday. Especially now that its getting cold, lipgloss is perfect as my lips are always peeling, and a matte lipstick on chopped lips is not very appealing lol. My favaourite lipgloss at the moment (have been my fave since I discover it a few months ago) is Mac Spite Lipglass.
Its long lasting, the gloss does go after a couple hours but you can still feel the moisture. So just a quick reapplication and your good to go. I would also recommend the Mac bittersweet Me Lipglass. its the same texture, but with more of a purple undertone. 
ps. I've got dark lips so the colour might be a little different for someone with light/pink lips.

     Mac Spite Lipglass
A good lipgloss changes the appearance of the texture of the lips and enhance the colour. In addition, all that sheer makes my lips appear fuller.
Just a dab of gloss in the center of your bottom lip creates a voluptuous effect. You do however need to top up your lipgloss more often than you do your matte lipstick. A lipgloss is much easier to apply as well, you may or may not use a lip-liner .

    Mac Sin Lipstick

On the basic level, lipstick is usually to change the lip colour. They do last longer, some do tends to wear of  easily, depending on the brand or texture. Our wine glasses and mugs are a testament to this haha. No matter the colour, whether you go for Mac Sin or Mac Velvet Teddy the full coverage effect is ladylike and polished. A lipstick is such a powerful accessory as it can change the look of your entire outfit. If you ever want a boost to that outfit just add a bold lipstick and you are good to go.
However, we all have experience the dreaded lipstick on the teeth embarrassment. lol. With lipsticks practise makes perfect, and sometimes require a little help from a lipliner if you want perfection. 

What do you prefer. lipstick or lipgloss,  Please reply in the comments below...
Thanks for stopping by. Good night and good morning. xo




  1. Wow you're so good at this. You're right in your element. As for me I just started using lipstick maybe two years now, was a lipgloss girl before but ever since I've gotten the hang of applying lipstick it's been a part of me. Can't leave home without keep it up I look forward to it every Sunday

    1. ok hun, lipstick it is. what's your favourite colour lipstick?
      and thanks for your support babe. you should subscribe/follow xx

    2. Hi Patrice. Congratulations on your blog!! It's so light and reflective and I truly identify with the varying issues. I'm a lipstick girl. Dark shades between red and plum adds a WOW effect for me. Don't ask me my favourite colour cause I really don't know.I just stick to the one that makes me pop!

    3. thanks lovely.. lipsticks definitely gives that wow we need, it's so bold and boost our confidence just a bit more.. Thank you so much for your support xx


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