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Monday, 3 December 2018


Hello my beauties, hope you had an amazing weekend and is fully prepared for the week ahead. It's the first week in December, and I cant wait to decorate our Christmas tree. I absolutely love this time of year. definitely not loving the cold weather... But anyway, lets talk fashion..

When we speak about tricky trends, we put prints right up there with socks and sandals. When I was younger growing up in Jamaica, people would literally laugh at you if you wore plaid and stripes together lol. I think its just up until a couple years ago, I've seen a few people on Instagram and in magazines in outfits with two and sometimes three different prints, and I was like yeahh… but you know sometimes you see others rocking an outfit and you wonder if you could pull it off. yup.. surprising I came to fall in love with the idea of mixing prints. SO..I started trying it out myself. Like if I'm wearing a brown plaid coat I would throw on a stripe or polka dot scarf with a bit of brown on it as well. I believe matching the colours and not the prints is the way to get this right. If the colours look good together, more often than not the prints will look good together as well. It's really a matter of personal preference.

With that said you can never go wrong with black and white and leopard prints, they go with everything. When in doubt, polka dot and stripes always work.

Here are a few tips to consider when trying out mixing yours prints, so we don't look like we got dressed in the dark.. haha.
  • Vary the sizes and scales of your prints. So large floral would go well with small stripes.
  • Leopard, stripes and black and white are amazing neutrals when mixing prints.
  • Go for simpler prints if you are not sure. Busy prints are great but can sometimes be tricky to pair.
  • Pick two different prints that share a single colour.
  • Break up the look with solids. If prints-on-prints is just too much or you, just layer in some solid-coloured clothes or accessories  to calm things down a bit.
Once you get the hang of it, it wont seem that crazy. you can go minimal or you can go all the way. Then again, life is too short to wear boring clothes, right? step out of the box a little and try out those prints. Freedom lies in being bold. Nothing says bold and confident like mixing those beautiful prints. my favourite so far is polka dot and stripes with floral. I tried to get the perfect shot beside this floral piece so you guys would get the idea. lol. 

I will be posting on Mondays from now on. I'm finding it a bit of a challenge to do the shoot and post on the same day. So look out for my post on Mondays, or you could just subscribe so you will be notified as soon as a new post is up. Thanks in advance xx

Would you or do you mix your prints, reply in the comments below.

"Be bold, push yourself, and get comfortable being uncomfortable"

Thank you for stopping by, good night and good morning 
sending loads of love your way xx




  1. Good article! But for me I'm not so brave I'm still not able to wear coloured shoes and I match my colours exactly. Working on being more bold though bit one step at a time

    1. I use to wear only black as well hun. cause I just thought it was more me.. but you are thinking about mixing your prints you could just start with black and white in any print and then you can move on to the brighter colours when you get use to it. as you said one step at a time x. thanks for your support hun x

  2. I’m also scared to step out the box like literally with anything but I’ll try to push myself out the box

  3. have to try some times hun. start small until you are more comfortable with it xx

  4. Hi Chrissy. It's Marsha from College. I absolutely ur article. Love the prints too


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