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Monday, 29 April 2019


"Social Media is a term for the online platforms that people use to connect with others, share media content, and form social networks."
Let me just make this clear. I believe social media can be dangerous. Not just for kids but for us adults as well. Especially now that I'm blogging my life is open to viewers worldwide.

My daughter (RJ) was a reserved/shy child for years. In her six years of life she lived in 3 countries, and I think that had a great impact on her being shy. Social media(especially YouTube) has helped her to be confident enough to express herself and be bold.

Clapham Common Fun Fair (London)

Of course I supervise whatever she views on YouTube, and recently since she's acting much more mature and aware. I've spoken to her (and keep reminding) about the dangers of the internet, and of course make her aware that people use social media for a variety of things and some are not suitable for kids viewing.
We live in a unprecedented time in technology. I don't know about you, but when I was a child the only time I get to view or share my photos with anyone, was if they stopped by the house and someone popped out the family album.. haha. Nowadays they are literally teaching kids about social media channels at school. YouTube has been a massive impact on Rhea's life, as silly as it might sound. Maybe this is because she is an only child *covers face*.
From  watching all these YouTube channels with kids vloggers, she is so organised. She has a morning, after school and bedtime routine. As a 6 year old, I don't need to tell her when its time to brush her teeth or do her reading etc. She has everything written in her diary and tick once its done daily. My point is social media can be a benefit to kids, but its our responsibility as parents to put a limit on what they learn and what they aren't allowed to.

Buckingham Palace 

A couple of years ago you would never get her to speak to a stranger, and now she dances in public and is super chatty. She watches Dance Moms and other YouTube channels with kids dancing, and now she has a means of expressing herself through he art of dancing. According to her, she is "self taught", lol.  When I started blogging, I got her a diary of her own, and whenever I'm writing she does the same. As a result, her teachers says she has the writing of a year 3 pupil. That's outstanding!!
She's gets excited when I tell her I will be writing about her on "our" blog (according to her, its not just mine). lol.. She loves taking photos of me and loves to be in photos herself.
Whenever we go out she takes her own Kidizoom Camera and takes pics of everything. She will be like "Mommy lets take a picture of this for the blog" lol... She just loves it. And I cant.. I wont take that away from her.

 Sea Life London

I'm a pretty private person, and while I share a lot on this blog in hopes to connect and inspire other women. I wont be posting my child using the toilet (if I may exaggerate a bit). I will never post anything about her that I think she will be ashamed of 10 years from now.. Cause it can't be undone.
I say that to say, social media can be good and bad, and not just for kids. But as parents we need to ensure that our kids (no matter the age) are aware of the disadvantages of using these channels    (which I wont get into today).

If you are a mom and you choose not to post your child on social media that's totally fine. That's your decision. I'm happy to share my blessing with the world...

These are a few photos that we took on Easter Holiday in London. Hope you enjoy!

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Friday, 26 April 2019


Hello there beautiful, I know.. I know, its been a while. But lets catch up. This month we are celebrating 6 months since I started blogging, and yes I said 'we' because I wouldn't have gotten this far without your support. So thank you xoxo.
So yea my blog is officially 6 months and I will be sharing in this post a few of my favourite pics, and of course as the topic states I thought it would be a good idea to share with you why I started this in the first place.
So why do I choose to share/open up about myself on the internet with hundreds(hopefully thousands soon) of people that I don't really know? why do I stand in the middle of the town posing with people awkwardly staring while I put on my best "photography" face ? haha
The simple answer is I enjoy doing it. But lets get into the details.
Some people start their blog for so many reasons. maybe to have a career blogging. Maybe so they can get invited to events and all that, and to be honest, I would love all that. It would be an absolute pleasure to be able to work from home and do something  that I enjoy doing. But the main reason I started blogging was to inspire and help women to build their confidence. I've always been a motivating person to my friends and even strangers if necessary. I think I give good advice, I'm a great listener and I find it satisfying to help people through difficult situations, especially when I can empathise with them.
However, I got that extra push after following the late Kyrzayda Rodriguez, In my opinion one the most stylish and motivating influencers. She was so stylish, but in such a unique way. I could literally feel her vibe through her photos. What inspires me most about her was that even in her last few days on this earth, when she could barely breath, she was still motivating her followers to go out and follow their dreams. I think was a few weeks after she passed that I published my first blog post.
That's how I want to impact my followers/readers. That's how I want my blog to inspire people from walks of life. That's the person I would like to be.
Ps. I still visit her Instagram page when I want some outfit inspo.

I've got SO much to say, and blogging for me is like sharing my diary, my ideas, my style and passion with you. I'm not a photographer and I'm definitely not a model (even though I pretend that I am lol). But this is me!!.. and I've come to realise being authentic is rewarding. It even makes you stand out in a community where being original can be quite difficult.
I'm passionate, sassy, down-to-earth and a little crazy haha, and that's what I want you guys to see in my photos and articles.
My blog is my public dairy and a space for me to be my creative self... no apologies!
I'm no writer, but I'm pretty sure I'm good at making others feel good about themselves, and starting this blog as been so inspiring, and as pushed me one step further to my goal.

And finally, I know they are tones of women who hide who they are (their personality, style, emotions etc) because they are scared of what "people think". My blog I hope will be that voice to inspire women to be themselves, to be bold and build self-acceptance. I started blogging because so many young women feel like after a child we are not sexy anymore, we loose confidence. I'm hoping my blog will helps moms to bring that sexy back, through style and again, confidence. 

Over the past 6 months I've felt so inspired and motivated, just from the comments, direct messages and support on social media networks. the fact that others are able to relate to my stories. Its a blessing. As much as I write to motivate others, I'm building my confidence in the process.
So cheers to six months of blogging and to you for your perpetual support.
Stay tuned (subscribe) to my blog and never miss a post. the up coming weeks will be quite interesting  *wink wink*.
Share in the comments below what has been your favourite blog post so far..

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Monday, 8 April 2019


I am writing this not just for you my readers, but also a message for myself. I remember as I approached my early 20's I wanted to gain some weight. I thought I was way too skinny and the bum was too small.. haha.(I must say I had nice wide hips though). Back then I would eat pure junk. Chocolate, burgers, crisp, you name it.
But the thing I've learnt overtime was that the body I was complaining about, loads of other women would love to look that way.
Even girls with the most perfect physiques will still have some sort of harsh self-criticism about their body. I've come to realise that it is not until we accept ourselves, that true change can start to happen.

We are constantly affronted with photo-shopped images of actresses and models with "the perfect body". In the process designed to make us "Buy Products". We are incorrectly taught to believe that we need to look a certain way in order to be THE GORGEOUS GIRL. 

"A woman is much more than just her body."

Embrace your beautiful uniqueness:
To all women thick, skinny or in-between, love your body as you are. Please don't get me wrong, I totally believe in having body goals, going to the gym, eating healthy and all that. I believe being healthy is a lifestyle not just a couple months of dieting or starving ones self to get a flat tummy. I too have body goals, but I try not to look in the mirror(as I use to) minutes at a time to "check my flaws". Of course I want a smaller waist, who doesn't. But why stress over it when we have a  million and one other things to worry about.
Stop worrying about if you measure up to "society's" impossible standards of female beauty, because guess what? Nobody does!!

I am good enough just as I am, and SO ARE YOU!!
Make healthy lifestyle choices that nurture not just your body, but the mind and spirit as well. Cause that's what makes you beautiful.

I still wobble in places when I jump or try running haha. If I feel like my favourite mom jeans are getting a bit too close, I cut back on the chocolate, but I don't stress it, if you get what I mean. No need to search for imperfections, when we are already perfect. From a flat bum, to a flat chest, skinny legs or big thighs we are all uniquely beautiful. Lumps, bumps, rolls and all!!.. Live for you and not someone else's standards. The most important opinion is yours.

Now lets talk Fashion, this jumpsuit from Missy Empire. Every women should have one of this in their collection this spring. It fits perfect. Hugs the curves in all the right places. So sophisticated, but yet still showing a little skin. It can be worn as a casual work outfit with a vest, or a Friday evening out with the girls with some nice heels on. Jumpsuits may come across sometimes as a "all-in-one", but Missy Empire knew what they were doing when they added this belt. All-in-one .. where?? .. Girl got a waist haha.. Unfortunately I haven't got a affiliated link for this particular jumpsuit. But please do have a look on a few I'm loving below. 
I'm definitely all about jumpsuits for spring. Oh and experimenting with some colours for sure. Had to send back a couple coloured pieces last week, but at least I tried. 

Shout out to all the ladies out there loving themselves in a world that's constantly telling them not to. I have always emphasize on this, and always will. accepting and loving ourselves all comes down to being confident. Confidence will make you happier than any diet will. At least, that's where its starts.

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xx Patrice


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