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Sunday, 24 November 2019


Hi beauts,
 I know its been a minute or two since I've posted on here. To be honest I've had "writter's block" for the past few months. Whenever I start writing I run out of words or it's just not as good. But anyway, I'm back
Hope I haven't lost all my readers.

Now that the air is getting chilly, why did I even say chilly, it's getting proper cold. Wind and harsh cols air sucks the moisture out of your hair, this of course cause dryness, split ends and eventually breakage. And to add gasoline to fire. You may try to protect your hair with a nice warm wool hat, and yeah they do get the job done, but depends on the material of the hat, they may pull and snag on your hair, hence again leading to damage hair. So literally there is no escaping really with this weather.

I came up with a few tips on how to protect and care Rhea's natural hair during these cold months, So here goes:

Use Protective Styles
I don't believe winter is a time for wash and go everyday. Protective Style is the way to go, as this will help to trap moisture in the hair. Protective styles retain growth while growing hair longer and keeping the hair soft during this process. In addition, using protective styles in winter protects the ends of your hair strands, hence not as much frizz, split ends or breakage. However, this doesn't mean you should put your hair in protective style from November to March. Which leads to my next tip...

Just as how the skin gets dry and itchy during winter, so does the scalp and your strands. And dry strands equals brittle hair which is prone  to breakage. It important to note that when it comes to natural hair, "Oil is not a moisture". If your hair is dry and you add oil you will only trap the dryness. Oil is a sealant. It's best to use water based products, such as leave in conditioner or creams, THEN, use oil to seal in the moisture.

Last, but one of the most important. Deep Conditioning. You can never deep condition too much. To be honest I avoid washing Rhea's hair as often in colder months cause I don't want her to be sick, and no I don't ever sue heat in her hair, so usually it air dries after a wash. Going to bed in winter with wet hair isn't the best idea. 
Side note: Washing your hair less often will also help regain your hair's natural body and luster.
Let's get back to it. Deep Conditioners give your hair the nutrients and moisture it need during wintery days. Treating and caring for every strand, whether it be split ends or frizz from these cold windy days.

So you don't need to leave your hair in hibernation under your wigs or hat until the weather is friendly again. With a great routine, you can keep your hair happy, moisturised and healthy throughout the winter months.

Thanks for stopping by loves
Good night and Good morning ...


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