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Tuesday, 19 March 2019


At the moment, I seem to be unable to stop myself from buying makeup left, right and center. I'm kind of new to this makeup thing and I think I'm at a point where I am experimenting and figuring out what for me and what isn't. however, I should say I have been working on my skincare routine as well, cause you have to apply that paint on good canvas right. And with my acne prone skin I need to exfoliate daily. So lets get back to the main topic... The beauty products I want to pick up for spring. By the way spring official starts this Wednesday. So I need to start ticking off my wishlist ..haha.. and whether this is helping or not I don't know, but I thought I would share a handful of some of the items on my wishlist.

Fenty Beauty   

Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch  Concealer ( £19)I've been watching loads of videos with great MUA and I found this one that has similar complexion to mine and she has always used this concealer. Its creamy, long wear, medium to full coverage. I would say, its just what a girl needs to cover those dark circles after a long night shift or just discoloration on the skin. And the fact that I don't need to squeeze or pump to get the product out that makes it just perfect. Its like a lipgloss lol, and so easy to apply on a specific area or that tiny blemish that needs to be covered.

Fenty Beauty
Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Setting Powder (£24)
Super fine, weightless loose setting powder. Gives you that filtered, photo ready finish look. Seriously, what girl wouldn't want that  lol.

Pixie Beauty
Rose Ceramide Cream ( £24)
Its a luxurious formula that plumps the skin and seals in moisture for long-lasting nourishment. This product is meant to preserve the complexion's youthful appearance. It also has bacteria-reducing probiotics to protect the skin.
So I absolutely love spring time. The weather is cool. Its beautiful outside, the grass is greener. You name it. But for me allergies ….allergies...allergies!!
Not only does my eyes itch and the excess sneezing, but I get itchy dry rash especially on my face, neck and arms. Hate it!! So I'm hoping that this product will be helpful to keep my face moisturized and protected for dem spring/summer allergies. Got to keep that skin glowing, allergies or not ..right.

Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover (£24)
Can be used on a daily basis. Its used to remove waterproof and long wear eye lip and face makeup. Its formulated coconut ( girl I love everything with coconut lol) probiotics and willow bark extract to help soothe, condition and moisture skin. In addition, its perfect for all skin types- even dry and sensitive skin.
Imagine removing makeup while caring for the skin at the same time. The product is a multi-tasking skin care. I think the worst part of makeup for me is removing it. Cant wait to try this product...

Powder Kiss Lipstick - Ripened(£17.50)
What can I say...It was love at first sight. It looks so soft and springy, the blush pink is so girly but yet not too overpowering. According to the website the colour is like greyed lavender.. definitely my style... Yepp!! Mac Cosmetics Here I come haha.
Pixie Beauty
Eye Reflection Shadow Palette (£24)
Soo....I'm not one to wear eye shadow, but a girl need to try out new things every now and then. Plus these colours are pretty neutral. Will just give my eyes a nice pop, if you get what I mean.. lol.
This palette has 12 beautiful colours to choose from. I will be mixing, matching and experimenting this spring. how about you, are you guys changing anything in your makeup collection for spring?

The Bling Fling 8-Piece Brush Collection(£47)
This set is now discounted on the website. however I might not get the full set. wont be using all those brushes. but the details on these are amazing, that glittery black is just perfection. A girl can treat her something to something new, black and sparkly sometimes.
So yea .. Just a few things on my makeup/beauty wishlist
Wishes do come through!!!

Thanks for stopping by loves
Sending loads of love your way...

xx Patrice




  1. And my makeup wish list is now updated with some of yours ideas 😘

  2. The pink lippie is perfect for spring, so fresh and pretty.

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