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Monday, 31 December 2018


A habit is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.
Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form. is possible to form new habits through repetition.

Hello beauties, hope you all had an amazing Christmas with the family. For me it was just perfect. Christmas morning I was smiling from ear to ear, just to see the excitement and pure joy on Rhea's face as she opened her presents. However, I think I had a little too much cake and might have gained a couple pounds. But we will work on that lol.
Now are we ready for the new year. This is the time we start to make resolutions, if not sooner. However, by the end of February (if that long) we forget about these resolutions and back to our regular routine, possibly bad habits.
Do you ever find yourself standing at the refrigerator when you are not hungry?... I know I have.. I would just be there looking for God knows what. have you ever reached for that one food in the cupboard that is guaranteed bad for you? Have you found yourself biting your nails without consciously knowing? cracking joints? Playing with your hair when speaking? Snacking late at night? Overthinking? ( which most of the time makes you unhappy and drags you). These are all bad habits... and how can we set our resolutions and accomplish them if we cant get over our bad/unhealthy habits. Personally, one of my many unhealthy habit is that I cant watch a movie without eating. I can literally snack throughout a full 2 hours movie, I mean chocolate, popcorn, yogurt.. you name it. I just  wouldn't get full. thank God my metabolism is not too slow or I would be as big as a barrel haha.

Change doesn't happen overnight. You need to love yourselves enough too make some of these changes. don't wait until your favourite jeans is not able to button to make that change.
Here are three crucial steps I believe we should bare in mind when we decide to change or get rid of a bad habit.
Look at what you are getting out of it. I mean how can we actual accomplish our new year resolutions of being fit, or loosing that bit of extra belly fat if we cant break that bad habit of binging/ snacking on unhealthy food. How can we manifest that idea if we cant break the bad habit of procrastinating. How can we happier if we cant break that bad habit of overthinking.

Take baby steps if/when necessary. We don't need to have 3 or 4 things to change, just start off with one. Devote all your energy to that one habit, and once its on auto pilot then move on to the next challenge. knock them down one by one. Even if you cant follow through 100% right away with a whole new habit, turn something new into a habit, example, if you find yourself overthinking a situation, don't let this get to you. sometimes we overthink things and make the situation worst and make ourselves believe things that aren't really true. instead, turn on your favourite up beat music and sing along.. dance like no one is watching haha, that way you will reinforce that "this is my new habit". If you missed your daily gym workout because you have a meeting/appointment, why not just squeeze in a little 15 minutes session at home. So you still feel that drive to work-out... baby steps.

Lastly, accept that we will sometimes falter. We all do. Habits don't change overnight, it will take time. As I said before sometimes we ourselves are not even conscious of these bad habits. But once we identify them  change is possible. Failure is just as important as being successful when trying to improve. Especially when it comes to changing bad habits. The key is to not just give up, but regroup, and analyze what went wrong and why. Its not easy!!

let me share with you one of our experience we had a few months ago. So Rhea had been using a dummy from she was only a couple months old, and after age 3 I tried to get her to give it up. It was an impossible task. so one week I was off from work and I decided this is the week. OMG... for the entire week its was like she was coming off drugs. she walked in her sleep, cried in her sleep. Sue me but I had to give it back to her. However, a couples months went by and she started loosing teeth so often, so I came up with an idea. I told her when the tooth fairy came for that specific tooth, he will take the dummy as well, and if she used another dummy then that special tooth wouldn't grow back. Surprisingly the tooth fairy came, took the dummy and the special tooth and up until now Rhea has never asked for that dummy again. lol.. its was only a bad habit, she didn't need it. She thought she couldn't do without it, but look how easy it was when she knew the set her mind not to use it anymore. Bad habits are like a comfy bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.

So...Lets take back control of our lives, break those bad habits and get on top of our 2019 resolutions. As I said before, bad habits is why most of our resolutions are forgotten by the end of January. So lets try our best to stay motivated and consistent for all of 2019.
hope you all have a happy and progressive new year. Manifest all your dreams into reality, and of course we need to put that work in. don't be held back by negativity, procrastination or toxic friendships. cut them all loose and tell yourselves that this year you can be everything you want to be and more.

"We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then, is not an act, but a HABIT".

Thanks for stopping by, good night and good morning.
Sending loads of love your way …
Happy Happy New Yearrr…..!!

xo  Patrice



  1. You mentioned the bad habit of procrastination. Oh God you got me there, that's the habit I need to break this year. Great article!

  2. yea hun.. me as well, it takes time though .. thanks for the support x


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