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Monday, 10 December 2018


The most powerful way to teach a child how to be confident and love themselves, is to let him/her see their parents do the same.

Hello my darlings. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Now, lets talk kids fashion. Its so fun to be able to dress up Miss Rhea, its like dressing a doll, and shes always up for it. when I got pregnant I prayed it would be a girl cause I wanted to have a mini me, but somewhat, a better version of me, and Rhea is just that. She loves fashion, dancing and pretty things, just like mommy haha.

As you can see in these pics she lost her front tooth lol, super cute right haha. It fell out like two days ago and somehow she loves it. she cant stop looking in the mirror and smiling. this girl is something

I love shopping for her,its fun. as I said before its like dressing a doll. But she always want us to have similar clothes. Hence, I like to purchase clothes for her in shops that have stylish kids clothes, We don't need to dress our little girls like their 18 for them to be cute and stylish
Here are three of my favourite places to get some stylish kids outfits.
  • Zara - They have never disappointed me, always deliver in style, fit and quality. Super-fast delivery, with easy and free returns. Did I mention the quality. Jumpers and sweatshirts are soft and warm. very child friendly. plus you can expect a wide variety of autumn clothing. Lovely coats/jackets whether for school, a special event or those rainy autumn days.

  • Mango kids - Great quality pieces, a perfect place to shop for those fashionable kids outfits. I find that they have  very unique pieces, can put together to make very stylish autumn fits for our little ones. Rhea is wearing a faux fur waistcoat from their collection.
  • River island - Perfect for those mini and me outfits. River Island makes duplicates of most of the women clothing for the kids collection. again, very fashionable and fun site to shop for your minis, girls/boys.
Although they are little, they are fun fierce and fashionable, just like mommy and daddy.
I always encourage  Rhea to be herself, and love herself no matter how different she is. Different is good. she can be reserved, but when we start a fashion show or listening music, she is a totally different person. love her to bits, such a character.

Share in the comments below where are your favourite places to shop for your kids. Maybe I can get some new ideas and gives some of your favourites a try.

Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.

Thank you for stopping by, and don't be afraid to share my post with friends. 
sending loads of love your way ..

Patrice xx



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  2. I think this post will help me in the near future. Wink Wink. Your daughter is beautiful.


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