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Sunday, 24 March 2019


When are you going for the next one(baby)?
I've been getting this question literally a couple months after having Rhea. When are we going for the second, they asked.. I remember looking at them wanting to question their sanity. That definitely wasn't the question to ask a new mom of her first child, who had sleepless nights and still trying to come to terms with the identity as a "mom". At one point I wondered if motherhood was just difficult for me, or are they just being silly and has nothing else to say.

As Rhea got older, people where still asking..(like seriously).. why is it that society feels that its not "ok" to have one child???
Anyway, I still don't know the answer to that question entirely. Some moms suggested that its better to have them all young, and allow them to grow together. It will be easier, they say. But what if you are just not ready...
I love everything about being a mom. Watching her grow into an outstanding young lady. So brilliant and smart. Its just one of the best things I've ever done.

I don't think I'm ready because I have not forgotten the emotional, physical and mental struggle. I have not forgotten the sleepless nights, the first 3 months when I felt like I was gonna die. I haven't forgotten how I broke down that one Sunday morning when I saw blood after using the toilet. I have not forgotten how worried I was when my doctor told me she was breeched. . I have not forgotten looking in the mirror and crying cause after giving birth I felt or looked nothing like myself, and wondering who is that person...And because of this.. I'm just not ready.

Some moms may not agree with me, and that's fine. Everyone's experience is different.
I enjoy feeling normal again. I've accepted and love the mom title, and everyone who knows me knows that this little girl here is my life. To know her is to love her. We are like peas in a pod haha.
Don't get me wrong there's nothing to me like a precious new born baby. They smell adorable, and to dress them in those cute onesies (omg) lol.. When they hold your finger with their tiny hands, its a blessing. But am I ready...hmm..

I know children are a blessing, and I agree, wholeheartedly. I just don't remember reading anywhere in the bible that says, since children are a blessing, every family has to look the same in numbers.
In addition, I feel like we have gotten out of the woods now from all the baby stuff and we are having more and more fun as a family. We are now both able to enjoy each others company, she now reads me bedtime stories (the sweetest little voice, I do fall asleep sometimes haha). She is my biggest motivation when it comes on to my blog, she has read every post I've made, ask about what outfit I will be wearing, how many views I had for the week. She's like my manager haha. Life is pretty calm and smoothe. I'm scared that while all that is possible with one, I can forget it with two.
I might sound selfish, but I'm just being honest. Not having family around to help when you have a new born child and be difficult and "me time" is not really possible. I need to be that fulfilled person who can be truly present when I'm with my daughter.
So to answer the question that I have been getting ever so often... Not that I wouldn't want another child.. I'm just not ready!
For now I will give all my love to my daughter and she will give me loads of cuddles and kisses in return. I love being her mom!!

To the moms with one child, you are no lesser of a mother, than one with five. And to the mothers out there with two or more kids, you are freaking superheroes.

Happy mothers day to all moms. Whether you are expecting, planning to have your first, or just showing someone else's child love. We  are all outstanding, powerful women and great role models.

Quick update, I've decided to level up my blog, somewhat.. I will be posting twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays. Well at least I'm gonna try this. There are  loads of factors that may contribute to me not being able to post on the days stated above. But for sure I will try my best, and please do subscribe so you don't miss a post.

Thanks for stopping by my loves,
sending loads of love your way ..




  1. Beautiful post. Keep writing; ill keep reading.

  2. Love this, I know its ok not to be ready, Im not even ready for my first lol, love you guys

    1. Thanks sweets.. If you are not ready for your first that is totally fine. Having a child is very difficult. We love you more xx

  3. Great post! You’re daughter is beautiful. You and I are in the same boat on this subject. I feel so much pressure from everyone. Thanks for reminding me that it’s ok if I decide to not to have anymore.

    1. Don't let anyone pressure you hun, you are the one that will carry the child and go through the sleepless nights and sick days, and all that. So I would say its your choice. And its definitely ok to have one child. I am a only child and I turned out just fine. And I'm sure your son is great getting all that love from mommy. Thanks for the support darling.. and happy mothers day when it comes xx

  4. I love this🥰keep up the good job hon

  5. Thank you, and thanks for the support xx

  6. I love this... love you and love your growth...😘

  7. Keep up the good work Crissy...i havent had any kids but i will when i am good and ready. Dont be pressured. We take life in strides. You are doing a great job from what i read. Kuddos!!


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