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Sunday, 16 June 2019


"Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad".
A father may believe that "donating" his sperm or taking part in the reproduction process he has done his duty in the child's life. the verb 'to father' means to procreate. Being a father requires little to no emotional investment.
On the other hand, a dad, daddy, papa, pop or whatever you might call him, makes the difference in a child's life. A child requires from his/her dad strength, support and discipline. A dad does whatever it takes to put a roof over your head, food on then table and clothes on his child/children's back. Don't get me wrong. They both may get up to go to work and provide for their family. They both may be physically "present". However, the difference I'm speaking of is much more deeper than material things. Sure it is all important. But the difference is being emotionally engaged in a child's life and providing mental support when necessary. Which is imperative when raising a child. Whether it be boy or girl, no matter the age.

Now we have a 6 year old daughter( as some of you may know), and of course I have a "father" as well. So I know what I expected as a daughter, what I want for my daughter and what I've observed with Rhea and her dad. So here goes..
What does being a dad to a little girl means?
It means learning how to love, and showing love. 
This might sound complicated, but it's really not. As a dad you know you love your child when she does simple things like using the microwave on her own for the first time, and you get all excited. Love is sacrificing your personal desires without a thought for just one chance to make your child smile. Love is listening to you daughter reading a book that is above her reading level. That burst of pride, that sparkle in your eyes. That's what it means to love a little girl.

Being a dad to a little girl means that you will act silly to entertain her, or do crazy dances to make her laugh. I wish I could share Rhea and her dad dancing sessions, but he might be a little too embarrassed haha.
Being a dad to a little girl means dedication, being supportive and most importantly, being present. A daughter needs to know that when she comes to look for daddy's face, they know exactly where to find them. A little girl need to know that daddy will be there to pick her up if she falls, to do her laces if they are loose, and to mend her toys when they are broken..
And of course daddy needs to be there when mommy says no, cause daddy will say yes.. right! ( not all the time) .. ah.

My point is, little girls do need that protection and strength from their dads. Quick example: If it was up to just me Rhea would be so gentle and we would sit around reading books, dancing and painting all day. But as soon as dad is home, it's a different vibe. loads of giggling, running, shouting, screaming. It's just different and kids need that. We have different personalities (my hubby and I) and we bring out different sides to Rhea. I love that, cause it takes two..
It takes personal discipline to be a dad, and it's not easy. There is no manual, you learn as you go along. Some men might have felt a panicked urge to cut and run, some actually do, sadly. Dads teach their little girls to be strong resilient and courageous.

And last but definitely not least. Being a dad to a little girl means setting good examples. 
kids live what they learn. Don't think I need to say much more. Don't worry  that your kids don't listen to you, worry that they are always watching.
Being a dad to a little girl means being the man that you would want your daughter to get married to years from now.. A daughter will love no other man as much as she loves her dad, so being an amazing dad or someone that she can be proud of is vital.

So to sum it all up. Being a dad to a little girl means you learn how to love and with that comes protection, guidance and pride.
I don't think enough is done in our culture to celebrate the men who is actually holding their position as a dad. Honestly, some of them are crap, but thumbs up to the ones that plays the part. Happy Father's day to all the great dads, whether you have a child of your own or being a dad to someone else' child. You are appreciated !!

A father is a son's first hero and a daughter's first love..
Happy Daddy's Day!!

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Sending loads of love your way.

xx Patrice



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