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Thursday, 20 June 2019


It's the little things that makes summer.. summer! Some awesome new accessories.
Summer is fun and energetic, maybe a little bit more energy than I have. But it's my favourite time to be outside, all dressed up. Even if I'm not going out. It's the perfect time to wear your brightest and boldest pieces that you've got locked away in the back of the closest for months now.

Here are some items that I'm loving this spring/summer to level up your outfits, and of course they are some affiliated links below each so you can shop some of my favourites.

Statement Earrings
Bold , colourful jewellery are definitely a trend, and one of my fave. Wear with off the shoulder tops or a simple dress. It's a great way to step up your style game, no matter the occasion. you can get them in different colours, prints and shapes that goes perfectly with your personality or sense of style.
"Jewellery is an expression of a woman's individuality, of her story and what and who she is."

Straw Hats
My two favourite F words when it comes to my style. Functional and Fashionable.
That's exactly what these hats are. The keep the sun out, and can style with any outfit. From jeans to maxi dresses. 
If you've got a holiday planned, don't forget to get yourselves a couple. they are my daughter's fave. I got one for her to take to school, and another for our little days out when the sun is at it's best.

Flip flops, block heels. wedge heels, tied espadrilles. You name them, they are all perfect to pair with your summer outfits. My favourite are flip-flops, cause I can pull my feet out whenever. 
If you are not showing your pedicured feet this summer, you are overdressed!

Straw Bags
This is definitely a summer staple, from round to mini box bags, oversized totes and clutches too. Straw bags are not just for the beach anymore. Again style this with any outfit. Summer accessories don't get any better than this.
Tie a scarf on your straw bags to add some colour.

Only because a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.. So why not be ready for it.
Of course if you subscribe to my blog you can keep up to date with the series of summer post I have planned and see how I style my favourite summer accessories for the season.

Thanks for stopping loves
Good night and good morning,
sending loads of love your way...

xx Patrice


  1. I love summer, and summer outfits!!! Looking forward for more summer fashion from Patrice ������☀️

  2. Can't wait to see more.....have a great summer!!!

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