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Tuesday, 29 January 2019


According to Google, "A beautiful woman is someone who has a distinctive personality, one who can laugh at anything, including themselves, and who is especially kind and caring to others."
Beauty can be subjective, so basically its your opinion. It may be a smile, a piece of art work, someone eyes, hands, lips.. and the list goes on. It's basically a combination of qualities that pleases the senses, especially the sight. As the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."

Now the big question is...Does make-up enhances beauty or makes us beautiful???

To be honest, I cant say I "love" make-up, but I've grown to have fun and experiment with it. Surprisingly, it was only just a few months ago that I started to wear a full face of make-up. I usually just add some concealer, eyeliner and sort my brows. Of course, I never leave the house without my lip-gloss. That was pretty much it, no foundation. Why?.. In the past I've tried so many foundations, and maybe I didn't know what I was doing. But after the applications I looked like a walking dead.. haha. Plus I always get break outs, so I thought the foundation would have made it worst. So.. I gave up. But the Fenty Beauty Foundation launched, all of 40 shades. After watching sooo many reviews on YouTube. I finally made the decision to give it a try. I ended up purchasing three different shades, as I wasn't sure which would best suite me, and I hate it when make-up make someone appear darker. Anyway, by mixing two shades I think I might be close enough to my complexion. What I love about it... The consistency, so many shades to choose from, it enhances the complexion and its not too matte (I like a dewy makeup look, for me it looks more natural).

Anyway, enough of me. I don't think "True Beauty" has anything to do with makeup. I just believe makeup is a booster. It's definitely not magic lol.
You have some women with flawless beautiful skin, and they choose to wear make-up anyway. however, some women( and men) choose to bash women who does wear makeup. "I don't need make-up, I'm beautiful as I am.".. Of course you are...But does this mean women who chose to wear make-up are not??…
Make-up highlights your best features, it gives you definition and colour. The only thing make-up fixes is discoloration(i.e.. eyes bags, acne). It definitely wont fix that bad personality or your selfish ways. So then what does make us beautiful?

Make-up may cause breakouts. But in my opinion, this happens if you sleep in your make-up or you don't cleanse the skin properly after removing your application, and of course if you don't practise a daily facial care routine.
the following photo are products that I've recently added to my facial routine and I've seen great result so far. I will review them in a couple weeks (maybe on my blog or Instagram account), so you will see my results after using them for a month. Ps. I get hormonal breakouts and so far my face is clear and feels dehydrated).

So.. yeah, make-up has nothing to do with beauty.. Make-up is just a choice!
make-up is a form of art that allow women to express themselves. So whether you choose to wear make-up with cut crease eye shadows or blue glitter lipstick with lashes long from here to Timbuctoo haha. Or just a simple every day look like myself (when I feel like it). Or maybe you just don't wear makeup for some reason. We don't need to bash each other based on their preferences. Beauty is much more!!

What is your favourite foundation, and why? 
Why you do or do not wear makeup?
What is your opinion on beauty?
Please reply to any of the above questions in the comment section below. 

Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoyed this post.
good night and good morning. Sending loads of love your way …

xx Patrice



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