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Monday, 24 December 2018


What does Christmas means to you?
Every home has their own meaning, based on how you grew up, your religion or simply what you choose to do. For me and my family it means sharing, generosity and showing love, whether it be immediate family, friends or a random stranger.
As a family it means participating in the magic that children find in Christmas. Writing letters to Santa Claus, presents from Santa Claus the night before Christmas, putting out carrot for the reindeers,  and the list goes on. Without family and people that we love Christmas would just not be the same.
As a family we don't assign the meaning of Christmas with religion. However, as Jamaicans we do have certain Christmas traditions that we experienced and grew up on, and we try to revive these annually in our home even though we are in the UK.
Growing up in Jamaica Christmas was all about sharing with neighbours. My grandmother would bake our tradition Christmas fruit cake. she usually soak mixed fruits in wine (Jamaican Red Label Wine) months before she actually bakes the cakes, and although she wouldn't drink alcohol on a regular day, her cakes always have a tip of the Jamaican Wray and Nephew Rum.
she would bake maybe six cakes and shared these with friends, church members and neighbours. In the end we would only be left with one cake at home, and whenever we get a visitor over the Christmas holiday, they would be offered a slice.
Now having a little family of my own, we try to do the same . My husband and I enjoys baking together. Of course... he takes all the credit, when he barely does anything haha... just kidding he loves baking as much as I do. Rhea's job in the baking process is to lick the spoons and bowl lol.
You know its Christmas in Jamaica when you cant go half an hour with hearing a series of fireworks (Jamaicans call it fire crackers lol). Its exciting, you could never forget its Christmas lol. In terms of decorations, not everyone was fortunate enough to buy lights or decorate a tree. My grandmother usually have us blow balloons and hang red and green Christmas decorations all over the living room. Its another tradition to clean the house from top to bottom at Christmas time lol. You could find some painting, cleaning windows.. the whole works haha. Our parents bought new curtains and bedding. So the house would smell fresh and new on Christmas morning.
As kids we didn't grow up believing in Santa Claus (hope Rhea doesn't read this blog), we knew that our moms would buy us pretty clothes haha. I remember one Christmas I got those sneakers/trainers that lights up when I was walking. Kids were always excited about new clothes and going in town on Christmas evening. There was always so much to see, the excitement was real.
I especially loved all the dancing lol.
There's SO much to tell about a Jamaican Christmas, but this blog post might be way too long and I wouldn't want to bore you. To sum it all up Christmas in Jamaica was fuunnn. People never really exchange presents, they would more share their cake or Christmas dinner. It was all about being generous and showing love. 
So... for me Christmas means home; love; family; sharing; happiness and fun.
Do we share similar Christmas traditions? leave reply in the comments below.
Merry Christmas hope you and your families have one full of love, fun and laughter. 

Sending loads of love your way, thanks for stopping by..
good night and good morning xx




  1. In my family home, Christmas time, was bringing us together, all celebrations was happening in grandparents house. there was always lots of people, so much love, so much joy. We were singing Christmas carols, and at midnight of Christmas eve we were going to church to welcome baby Jesus. I miss it so much . Merry Christmas, and lots of love 😘

    1. sounds fun, I love the fact that in most traditions families come together to celebrate this time of year. Merry Christmas to you and your family darling xx

  2. Christmas is my favourite time of the year.I grew up with Christmas carols, Christmas tree filled with presents, Santa Claus, and Christmas dinner. I try to make my own kids now experience all of this and more. Growing up I didn't experience grand market and going out on Christmas day but I chose to give my children this experience year after year. With all of this we never forget the reason for the season which is Christ Jesus.

  3. how come you grew up believing in Santa and I didn't haha.. it's nice that the kids are enjoying it now though. Christmas wouldn't be the same in Portland without grand market..Merry Christmas to you and the family my lovely xx

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