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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Denim in Autumn for Mini and Me...

"Denim has always been a everyday symbol for style" …
Ritu Kumar

To say I love denim is a an understatement. My closest has denim jackets and shirts in different styles, brands and shades, and yes! my daughter's as well. If I buy a top for myself, I do feel guilty, and cause I'm one of the best mums everrr lol..I do get her one as well... maybe something a little similar.

It's a classic, and definitely in my top 5 favourite things to wear. When you buy denim you know its versatile and will be wearable years to come. Its not very loud or overpowering, and be worn with all different prints and colours. Denim pieces can be worn in any season, just add a couple layers when needed. Who says you cant be warm, cute and stylish in autumn.
You just cant go wrong with denim!!

Rhea's denim shirt and skirt are both from Zara and jacket from River Island, and hey, you cant go wrong with Uggs in these cold seasons. Can you tell how much she loves the camera haha.. 
whenever we are going out she always says  "mommy I want to look like you".
knowing that I've got a daughter that admires me this much is such a blessing. It makes me want to be so much more, cause I've got this little beauty that depends on me and watches my every move. In her eyes I'm perfect.

Now on to my outfit. I got this denim shirt from Topshop about a year ago. its so versatile, and the colour is rich, literally goes with everything. I wanted to style this shirt with just these wide leg trousers. but boy it's cold outside!
Lately I've been obsessed with long knit cardigans (but that's a topic for a another day).
wait... wait.. wait.. do you guys see how that pop of red on the lips complete the outfit. lol... love it!

"Wear the outfit, Don't let the outfit wear you"

Thank you for coming over my darlings. 
A new post will be up every Sunday, so keep a look out for that.
Loads of love, good night and good morning xx



  1. I definitely agree! Denim is so versatile and NEVER goes out of style. I have several denim shirts and love to pair them with a variety of prints. My most love print to pair with is leopard.

    1. right! I've never tried it with leopard before..I might try that one soon xx

  2. You're always so well put together girl. Keep it up.


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