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Wednesday, 22 May 2019


Yup!.. It's our first twist out. I'm a old fashion type of mom, and that's how my mom and aunt raised us. I'm not use to any fancy hairstyles as a child. Every other Sunday or sometimes every Sunday we (my cousin and myself) would get a good wash and then the scalp would be thoroughly oiled.  My mom would then do some bantu knots (in Jamaica we call it 'chiney bump' lol). On a regular day we got plaits or hair done with hair clips/ties (in Jamaica its 'Bubbles' haha) or maybe some jumbo cornrows. But you get the point. I grew up on protective styles, and my cousin and I had beautiful natural hair, hence I carry on the tradition with Rhea.

Day 2 of twist out..

So how do I grow her hair so fast and healthy?
Three words.... Leave ..It...Alone!!
I know its a thing nowadays to wash every week and use hair gel to contain frizz and all sorts, and dont get me wrong I have nothing against these products. I am just telling you my way of doing it. Which may or may not work for you. But in my experience less is more when it comes on to natural curly hair growth.
I don't wash Rhea's hair every week, and with the amount of hair this girl has for her small body. I definitely don't have the time or energy to comb it every couple days. So my solution is protective styles. I don't cornrow her hair because it causes unnecessary breakage when pulling them down, and then the knots are just too much. So to prevent the crying I stick to just normal old fashion twist. Easy to do, easy to pull down.
When I do her hair it last for 2-3 weeks and then I would pull her twist down, oil and massage her scalp with the tip of my fingers  (she loves that bit). Over this 3 week period I would ensure that her scalp is moisturised everyday with Blue Magic Originals, Castor Oil. It contains 100% castor oil, shea butter and aloe vera. Castor oil helps boast growth in whatever hair texture, as well as protect against hair loss. Aloe Vera repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. It also acts a great conditioner and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny. Aloe Vera also promotes hair growth, prevents itching and reduces dandruff.
I've been using this oil since she was a year old. My aunt, her grand aunt gave it to her as a part of her birthday present. Ever since I've been using this product and its pure magic.

Last year I discovered Cantu Beauty kids products and I have been using the Curling Cream and the Conditioning Detangling Spray since.
 Wash day has never been easier. This is not a paid promotion guys, It's more like a testimony lol.
I use the Curling Cream and detangling spray whether it be wash day or just doing her hair. I would first apply the spray to the wet or dry hair and just like that the texture of her hair is much softer and super easy to detangle. But most importantly, No crying from Rhea.

I also use the curling cream to freshen up her hair when it gets a bit messy during the week as well. You know kids with the playing and other kids touching her hair and all sort. But with the Curling Cream I would apply a couple pumps to her twist, and it was like its freshly done, what did I say... Magic!! lol.

Day 1 of twist out..

So you don't need a lot of products or oils to grow natural curly hair. My aunt always say as long as you oil the scalp, then the rest of the hair will get all the nourishment. It's like a plant, if you water the roots the plant will eventually grow and flourish.
By the way she absolutely love her first twist out. It's not perfect, as its my first time doing it. But she adores her hair. She's so proud of it and I love that.
I remember one morning about 6 months ago, I was getting her ready for school and she said she wanted her hair a certain way (like the kids at school). For some reason I got angry at her. however, I contained myself and sat her down and said the exact words "what makes you different, is what makes you beautiful".

"A princess crowned in her curls"

Thanks for stopping by loves,
Good night and Good morning. Sending loads of love your way ...

xx Patrice 


  1. Oh I remember our hair days...I just love this post and the nastagia reading it brings; great article quite informative. You are a great mom #blackgirlsrock 😚😍😚 #cousins

  2. Love everything about this little girl... natural beauty

  3. Her hair is beautiful and I do agree the best regime is to leave it alone. Keep it up girl

  4. Your daughters hair is absolutely beauty. I think your advice for low manipulation is right for helping to grow healthy hair.

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