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Sunday, 24 February 2019


- What will people think? 
- Will I look as sexy in that outfit like she does?
- I wish  could look like that... 

… are some of the questions we might ask ourselves on a day to day basis if we are not confident enough to love and accept who we are. But think about it... How can anyone see how great you are if you cant see it yourself ???

Confidence is the key to slaying a perfect outfit; confidence is key to getting that job; confidence is key to achieving those goals.

Anywho… My main focus will be on how to slay "that" outfit with confidence. First, we've got to know our body type. Whether you shape like a carrot, potato, hour glass, banana or pear. There is a style that will be absolutely perfect for your body. Don't get me wrong everyone can participate in the latest trends, just make sure to execute the slay in a way that is tasteful for your look. 
Not because that crop top and jeans looks good on her that doesn't mean it will be the perfect fit for your body type. Maybe a crop top with high waisted trousers instead (just saying).

Next, discover "your" style. For me I know my likes and dislikes when it comes to fashion. I choose not to wear what everyone else is, but I kind of stick to my style. I might incorporate something trendy, but, I never loose sight of my style. I would definitely recommend for people who love to shop like myself, to invest in staple pieces. Things that can be worn more than once i.e.. white t-shirt, a proper pair of jeans, black jeans, white shirt, stripe blazer, a floral blazer, something leopard print and never forget a denim shirt (my fave), just to name a few.
So take a few minutes and establish what excites you in your wardrobe. In my opinion, that's the first step.

Although I should say sometimes we get too comfortable in our style. which may be a bit plain and standard. Soo... it might be time to change it up a bit and allow that "bad bitch" to come through. haha. Some of us tends to bash a style before we even try it. But nowadays with all those easy returns that online shops have available, you could easily buy a outfit, if its not your thing then simple return it. easy! Just try it before you bash it.

And lastly, which I think is a major point. Highlight your features. What do you love about your body. Do you have wide hips? .. Some nice high waisted jeans would definitely show dem curves girl.
You have a beautiful smile?.. Umm, wear bold lipsticks. Nice legs, but you maybe don't like  a short skirt, well a maxi skirt with a long split and some heels will be perfect. Or maybe you have wide sexy shoulders. Girl buy all the off-the-shoulder tops you can find lol. You get my point. There are so many ways to do it.

But first you need to accept who you are. Cause trust mi.. you cant wear a fancy red heels and walking like you are in trainers. you need to walk like you are on that run way, and that takes confidence.

You can spot a confident person a mile away. Becoming one- that's a whole different thing! But as I always tell my daughter, "practise becomes perfect."

So take the lead in your life, hold your heads high (we don't want double chins, do we lol), and slay the hell out that outfit. people are gonna look whether you dress simple or stylish, so might as well give them something that's worth their while. 
Remember, dress to please yourself. Don't think about what "they will think". Accept who you are, know your body type, establish you style, highlight those features and SLAY WITH CONFIDENCE!

As some of you may have noticed there is now a new feature to my blog.. Affiliated links. On a weekly basis I will add some of my favourite pieces to my blog post, and you will be able to shop through my blog. Soo.. please have a look, and of course shop if you see anything that you would love to try. I will only get a small percentage of your purchase.. Thanks in advance, and thanks for the love and support. I have been missing in action for the past couple weeks, but  was not well. I felt so disappointed in myself as I was unable to make a post. But I'm baccckkk.!!

Again, thanks for stopping by, good night and good morning.
Sending loads of love your way.. mwaaah 

xx Patrice




  1. Definitely getting that dress lol ur so right hon confidence is the key to slaying an outfit ❤️

    1. yaas hunny, you should. Would be perfect for you xx

  2. I really have much further to go with my confidence even though I've come a long way. I dontblike dress in up because I feel that's when people notice me the most so I prefer going out to places where I can just pull on a jeans and tee. Where can I get your confidence?

  3. But they will notice you even more when you are just wearing a jeans and top, and they will talk either way.
    where can you get my confidence? fake it until you make it. No one has to know that you are not the most confident. Dress nicely to make people turn their heads and keep your head high..


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