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Monday, 4 February 2019


"A chunky/oversized knit is the clothing equivalent of comfort food."
The name "oversized/chunky" knit jumper can sometimes be a bit misleading. An oversized knit does looks big and can be 2-3 times bigger than your actual fit, but it wont make you look chunky or bigger if you style it the right way.  In my opinion, the right way is to style it something skinny fitted, short or just on its own as a dress, depending on the length.

A good oversized knit is one of my favourite to wear this time of year. We can wear layers without having to wear a coat and still feel cozy and super warm. As you can see in my photos, I was able to get away with showing a little leg, as I was wearing another light weight jumper just to layer it, and of course a short tights.
I got this oversized jumper from Zara last year in the December sale, it was too good to pass up.  It is such a soft knit, it contains some wool. Obviously, with the turtle neck to give that extra warmth. It has low drop shoulders and long sleeve, ribbed at the cuffs and hem. The thing with me I love a good sale, but I hardly shop when there is a sale because, when I do see something that I really like I get disappointed when they don't have my size. On the other hand  Zara knitwear collection is outstanding, in my opinion the quality is everything.

I promise you that you will be seeing much more of these boots, but I cant help it, I love them lol. If I was ever trying to show you how versatile these boots are, consider that my mission now haha.
One of the things I love about oversized knits is that the make you look adorably cute and fragile, in a good way though., that makes people want to just give you a cuddle lol. I say that to exaggerate how comfy a decent quality knit can be.

Here are some tips to bare in mind when styling oversized knit jumpers:
  • Choose fun shoes- whether you choose to wear your knit jumper as a dress or just a top. Gorgeous, outstanding boots are the way to go(ankle boots or knee high). Don't be afraid to try out with fabrics too. Boots in suede, velvet or leather can certainly spice up a oversized jumper.
  • Add a pop of colour- Jazz up that grey, white or black sweater with a bright colour accessory or lipstick. This will add fun and style to your perfect choice of knit jumper.
  • Add a statement jewellery- It's time to break out those fun statement earring and necklaces to show your personality. You could add a simple necklace on your turtle necks, or add some colourful arm candies( bracelets).

Whatever your style is, an oversized knit jumper/sweater can fit in.  There's nothng wrong with feeling cozy, comfy and looking super cute in winter.

Hope you enjoyed reading, and I especially do hope that my tips will be helpful whenever you plan to wear your favourite oversized jumper. Lets have fun with the winter fashion. kool!

Thanks for stopping by, good night and good morning.
Sending loads of love your way...

xx Patrice



  1. Loooove a good knit dress n loved how u wore them together the bright color hat really did give it that little pop it needed I definitely will be trying this exact combination ��

    1. Thanks hunny.. and this look would suite you perfectly xx


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