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Monday, 22 October 2018


Confidence is Beautiful!!!
"Beauty has so many forms, and the most beautiful thing is loving yourself".

If you have already read the post on my about me page , then you would know that I have suffered from low self-esteem and lack of confidence during and after my pregnancy. my daughter will be six(6) in January, and I now feel confident enough to share this with you.
There are three major things that I think got the best of me. I've experienced it and learnt from it.

So here they are...

Do not open yourself up to opinions..

Everyone will give you advice what they think is right or highly opinionated about what you are doing wrong. Everyone's journey is different, what works for them, might not work for you. Being a mum is a learning process and we all know experience teaches wisdom.
Don't get me wrong, sometimes they do mean well.. But...HEY.. back up, its my baby lol.

Then we've got the others, whether it be friends or family members that  will always comment on your physical appearance. I honestly think I allowed those comments to get to me back then . But girl, everything takes time. Your snapback might not be as quick as Kim Kardashian, but you'll get there.

Find a few good mum friends..

I had this one friend that had a baby just a few months before I did, and we went through similar things, emotionally.  It was great to have someone to be real with me without being judgemental.
We planned play dates, so we could sit and chat about our failures and silly things we did as mums, and just laughed at each other. (TS)

..And finally...just be confident!

Know your body and put that banging outfit together, put a little makeup on, brush your hair or put that wig on, take a selfie or just go for a walk. Trust me, it helps.

Some women might have felt great about themselves during or after their pregnancy, but I know some of us lost a lot, whether it be physically or mentally. I know I've been there, and I'm happy to be able to share a bit of this with you.. Hope I will inspire one of you gorgeous ladies, (whether you are a mum or not) to be the best version of you..

I will be posting ones a week, will keep you updated when the day is officially confirmed.. thanks for stopping by.. goodnight and good morning my lovelies xx

"You may not be perfect, but parts of you are pretty awesome"...



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